Get no-distortion ultra wide angle picture

WALP function

As MADOKA is a circular fisheye lens, the picture taken with this lens has distortion. The software "WALP" will cancel the distortion and correct straight objects.

Nothing is better than to watch the picture converted by WALP.



This is the original picture taken with MADOKA lens. (Click for full-size picture.)



This is the picture converted by WALP. (Click for full-size picture.) You can see the distortion is canceled in it.


Ultra-wide angle view beyond your experience

The MADOKA+WALP picture is beyond your experience. The human being cannot see such a wide area at the same time.

This picture below shows the photo area of "ordinary" wide angle lenses.



I think you have already realized how marvellous MADOKA+WALP is. Even with 28mm(35mm film equivalent) lens, you only can take such a narrow area.

MADOKA+WALP brings ultra-wide angle pictures you have never seen. It is good for business use, architecture photos, for example. And also good for your unique photo works.