Purpose and functions

Q: Is WALP only for the MADOKA lens?

A: Yes. WALP software is optimized to MADOKA lens.

There are some different kinds of fisheye lenses. WALP is optimized to MADOKA lens. So you cannot get good results with other lenses.

Q: Some objects are omitted in the converted picture.

A: Some objects at the corner of the original picture will be omitted.

Theoretically, it is impossible to get 180 degree viewangle picture without distortion.

Q: How about the view angle shown in the WALP converted picture?

A: About 120 degree(both horizontal and vertical). Please check the conversion area in the picture gelow.



Q: The picture is rough at the edge of the converted picture.

A: Theoretically, it is.

In WALP conversion, the original picture will be extended toward outside. At the corner, the picture will be much extended. The picture quality is not even in the whole part of converted picture. As for the center, the quality is almost the same with the original picture.


Q: I cannot install WALP.


1) If WALP(old version) is already installed in your PC, unistall it before you install WALP(new version).

2) If you are still unable to install WALP, uninstall all these programs below and try to install WALP again.

WALP(old version)
Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsft Visual Basic Power Packs