How to use

Attach between the lens and the camera body

● Attach NANOHA TUBE between the lens and the camera body.
● With NANOHA TUBE, you can focus closer to the subject and make the subject larger in the photograph. But, in using NANOHA TUBE, you cannot focus distance objects.
● You can stack 2 or more NANOHA TUBEs as you need.

● NANOHA TUBE is designed not to spoil the AE, AF or release functions of the camera system. But we cannot guarantee it for all the lenses and the cameras.
● The camera cannot recognize NANOHA TUBE between the lens. So the shooting data(Exif) included in the picture data may not be true.

● The focal distance of the lens must be larger than extention length of NANOHA TUBE. Or you cannot get good results in shooting pictures.

NT-01/10mm(Extention length 10mm) --- Use the lens longer than 10mm focal distance
NT-01/16mm(Extention length 16mm) --- Use the lens longer than 16mm focal distance
NT-01/10mm + NT-01/16mm(Extention length 26mm) --- Use the lens longer than 26mm focal distance