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Direct delivery from Japan

If you cannot find YASUHARA dealers in your area, We will ship NANOHA directly from Tokyo, Japan.

The current price of NANOHA is

149 USD(07.July.2013)

This price may be revised.

--- Order ---

Please send an e-mail to "himeji@yasuhara.co.jp" as follows

Mail title: NANOHA TUBE order
Mail contents:

Your name(Required.)
Your address(Required.)(Not your e-mail address.)
Your phone number(Required.)
Lens mount type and quantity(Required.)(Example: Micro 4/3 1 set, E mount 1 set)

--- Payment ---

We will send invoice through the Paypal by e-mail.
Please check it and pay for NANOHA TUBE.

The price is shown in the invoice.

Special offer

We will do EMS free shipping to the areas below!

(As for other areas, please ask to us.)

We will keep free shipping until the end of 2013.

--- Shipping ---

We will ship it soon after we check your payment.
We usually use EMS postal service for delivery.
If you need another delivery system, please tell us.

After we ship NANOHA TUBE, we will send the EMS tracking number by e-mail.

The condition of the EMS postal service is different from the countries.
In some countries, some extra charge may be required
from the post office. We cannot meddle in it.
And we also cannot think about your local tax(VAT, and so on).