NANOHA TUBE for SONY NEX(For micro 4/3 is also available.)


NANOHA TUBE is the extention tube for macro photography. You attach it between the lens and the camera body. With NANOHA TUBE, you can focus closer to the subject and make the subject larger in the photograph.

NANOHA TUBE is designed not to spoil the AE, AF or release functions of the camera system. (But we cannot guarantee it for all the lenses and the cameras.)


The effects of NANOHA TUBE is evident with the sample pictures below.

With micro 4/3 14mm-42mm zoom lens(at 42mm), the shortest distance to the subject.

NANOHA TUBE(10mm thickness) attached.

NANOHA TUBE(16mm thickness) attached.

NANOHA TUBE(10mm thickness + 16mm thickness) attached.