Shooting by VPK



Shutter speed is fixed

VPK can select the shutter speed but the settings are only 1/25s, 1/50s, B(bulb) and T(time). In ordinary situation, you have no choice but to use 1/50s.

In the time VPK was born, high speed shutter was not required. VPK lenses are not bright. And the film speed was so slow, perhaps less than ISO10.


Shutter speed select lever. from the left, 1/25s, B(bulb), T(time) and 1/50s.




Aperture indications are 1,2,3 and 4

The indication of aperture setting is not by the F number. Larger number means smaller aperture. In Vestan, position 1 shows about F11 and position 4 shows about F32. (A little different from the VPK versions.)


Aperture setting lever. Beside the numbers,


are indicated.




Simply push the release lever!

You don't have to charge the shutter. The shutter operates only with the power you push down the release lever. Be careful for unexpected multi-exposure!


Only push down the release lever.


Fixed focus

Vestan has no focusing system. The focusing distance is fixed, normally around 4 to 5 meters. You have to use additional lens for the close up photos.


Portrait attachment(close up lens) by Kodak
(Thanks for Dr.Graham White, UK)



Single-use camera without strobe

The functions of VPK is just like the single-use camera without strobe. It is nothing but a poor camera. But just think this camera was made at 100 years ago. No doubt VPK is the epoch of whole camera history.






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