Shooting by VPK




Breaking our journey to Vestan

YASUHARA Co.,Ltd. has been developing MOMO based on Vestan. So it is not necessary to learn about VPK camera on which Vestan is attached. But, after analyzing many pieces of VPK cameras, we had some kind of sympathy for it. So we tried to shoot by VPK.


Can we prepare the film now?

VPK is 100 years' old camera and it is quite hard to use it today. First of all, all the film makers had stopped to produce 127 roll films which are for VPK.

127 film was standardized by Kodak for VPK camera. But the Kodak had stopped the production in 1995. After that, some other film makers continued to produce 127 films. But it seems all had gone around 2013. YASUHARA Co.,Ltd. has some stock of 127 films. So we can do test shooting.


Efke film by Fotokemika-Nova(Croatia), it was the final stand of 127 films.


Prepare the VPK camera

Although VPK is very old camera, we can find it easily in the old camera market. It shows so many VPKs were produced in old days. But it is hard to find a piece with perfect conditions for the shooting.

  We used this VPK for shooting.  

We mixed about 4 pieces of VPKs into this piece. If you are a VPK mania, you can find it easily from this picture.

VPK had been produces for 15 years. Some of the parts were modified during the period. But, basically, they keep enough compatibility and it is not so hard to mix them.


VPK has bellows. In early model, the bellows was made from real leather and tough enough. After some years, the material was changed to paper-based sheet. This new material was not so tough to remain 100 years. One of the important points to get "living" VPK is to keep good bellows from early models of VPK.

We also have to prepare "living" shutter unit. VPK shutter is simple and we can find some working shutters in existing VPK cameras.

As for the assembly, no problem. We are the camera manufacturer.


Film loading

The construction of 127 film is just like the 120 film. Film and light shielding paper are rolled onto the spool.

    You have to prepare a blank spool for loading.
    Roll the front end of the film onto the blank spool.
    Ready for loading.
    Insert the film from the side of the camera.
    Keep tension.
    VPK has no pressure plate in the film chamber. So easy to insert.
    Attach the lid.
    Lock the lid by the lever.

You can see the film exposure number from a small window behind the camera.

VPK can take 8 pictures on a 127 film strip.



--- Tips ---

In old days, the film speed was so slow and it was safe for red lights. So there was no problem to add such a window behind the camera body. If you will try to use this camera with recent films, you shoud cover this window when you don't have to check the film exposure number.





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