Vestan, the starting point of MOMO


Do you want to use real Vestan?

If you wish to take "perfect" Vestan pictures, we will provide the Vestan-PENTAX 645 adapter. (This adapter is an order-made piece and costs much.)



If you can agree to use smaller 24mm x 36mm(35mm full size) sensor, it is easier. You can use some digital cameras for it in these days. And we can provide this mount adapter.


Vestan-M42 adapter with extension tube


Vestan-M42 adapter


Vestan-M42 adapter


This adapter will convert the Vestan(and most of other VPK lenses) to M42 screw. We think this is the best adapter ever made for the VPK lenses. We had the neccesity to make this adapter to check VPK lenses exactly.

You have to prepare additional extension tube to keep correct flange back. But there are many kinds of M42 extension tubes in the market and you only have to get them.


We recommend MOMO

We are also the film camera lovers and we know the pleasure to use films. But it is getting harder and harder.

If you only have to appreciate the Vestan pictures, we recommend to use MOMO. We made MOMO for it.





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