Vestan, the starting point of MOMO


What is Vestan?

In 1912, more than 100 years ago, the epoch-making camera Vest Pocket Kodak(VPK) was born.

Shortly to say, VPK is the 1st modern camera. In the first period of photography, taking photos was not easy and the camera was too large to take with. People dreamed to use carriable cameras and take what they want at the time they want. VPK is foldable small camera and it uses roll films for multiple shooting. They only had to hand the exposed films to the labs after shooting. VPK brought a new style in photography, which is quite common in these days.


  Vest Pocket Kodak(very early model)  


If VPK is nothing but an old camera, we have nothing to talk about it in these days. The key word is "Vestan". The standard version of VPK has a single meniscus lens. This lens is called "Vestan" in Japan. You can understand the Japanese photographers love this lens too much from the fact we gave such a pet name for it.


Test shooting by Vestan

Vestan is known as a famous soft focus lens. But few people have checked it by themselves in these days. Is it true or an rumour?

In the old days VPK was used as a popular camera, the film quality and film process quality were too poor. And the quality of VPK camera body is also poor. It even doesn't have the focusing function. So we cannot examine the Vestan performance from old photos.

After 1960's, Some photographers tried to attach Vestan to 35mm SLR cameras for easy shooting. But the picture size on 35mm film(36mmx24mm) is much smaller than VPK original size(64mmx41mm). We can check only the center part of original Vestan image by 35mm SLR cameras.



So we made an adapter to attach Vestan to 645(use 120 film) camera. We can check the real Vestan performance with this system.


Vestan-PENTAX 645 adapter


In this system, focusing operation is available with Vestan. And we can use AE function.

Now we are ready to do test shooting.






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