What is "soft focus"?


Someone says "soft focus means out of focus". He lacks knowledge.




You can realize soft focus with actual picture results below.


    ● Focused
    ● Out focus
    ● Soft focus


Please compare the cards she has. In soft focus, you can see the design on it (even though the contrast is not enough compared to the focused picture). It is not out focus.

Shortly to say, soft focus is a mixed picture, focused and out focus pictures.


This is actual MOMO picture.


F6.4(soft focus power: maximum)


Do you think this is a dull, out of focus picture? You will be amazed in 1:1 picture.


 Center, 1:1


You can see the LED dots in the traffic signal. This is not an out of focus picture at all. Even the contrast is low, it has high difinition. This is "Soft focus".



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