What's MOMO?

MOMO is a soft focus lens for digital cameras. You can control the soft focus power by adjusting the aperture.


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MOMO introduction movie (Please watch in HD)
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Inspired from "Vestan"

MOMO is inspired from 100 years' old Vest Pocket Kodak(VPK) camera and its single meniscus lens. Especially we Japanese loved this lens and appreciated its special talent. We gave a pet name "Vestan" to this lens. Few lenses has such a pet name in the history of camera.

"Ves" means "Vest", VPK camera. And "tan" means "single". "Vestan" means VPK's single meniscus lens.

    Vestan, the starting point of MOMO


We designed MOMO to be able to take 100 years' old style pictures with the convenience of today's digital cameras.


Digital camera technologies have born MOMO

Vestan is an attractive lens to use. But VPK is so old to use in these days. VPK is low performance camera. It has no focusing system and the shutter speed is almost fixed. The finder of it is hard to use. Above all, the 127 film for VPK is no more produced now.

Incidentally, this is a trial report for taking pictures by VPK.

    Shooting by VPK


After 1960's, some people tried to attach Vestan to 35mm SLR cameras. For example, world famous photographer Shoji Ueda had published a photo book "Shiroikaze", in which all the pictures were taken by Vestan.


Ueda's camera. Vestan is attached to PENTAX 35mm SLR camera.



But, even with this way, it is not easy to take pictures with Vestan. Vestan is not bright lens. So the view in the optical finder is not even. Focusing is also very hard.

Now it is the era of digital cameras. We can use it for comfortable shooting. We modified Vestan lens, optimized it to today's digital cameras. And MOMO was born.


The name "MOMO"

"MOMO" means "100" in Japanese. We hope you enjoy 100 years' old style pictures with this lens.


Would you try these wall papers? Your PC monitor appears like VPK camera.