The ANTHY concept

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Wide standaed lens
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Under development


20 years have passed and the full size sensor has come back!

20th century was film camera era. They mainly used 135 films and the imaging size was 24mm x 36mm(others were exceptions). This 24mm x 36mm size is called "Full size".

In 21st century, the digital cameras annihilated film cameras. In early digital camera era, it was hard to prepare full size image sensors. So smaller sensors(APS-C, fourthirds, ....) were used. The mirrorless cameras had started with these smaller sensors.


20 years have passed and full size image sensors have come back. Now gradually full size mirrorless cameras are annihilating full size SLR cameras. Yasuhara Co. has been producing lenses for small image sensor mirrorless cameras. But, thinking about recent situations, we started to produce new lens series for full size mirrorless cameras. ANTHY is the product series name of these lenses.


The target of ANTHY

In these days, the technologies to design optical systems have much advanced. The zoom lenses sold with camera bodies(what is called "kit lenses") have high performance. Some users are shooting photos only with these kit lenses, although the camera is "lens changeable".

But these "almighty lenses" are not the best in special shooting situations. Someone prefer manual focus shooting in good operation feeling. The target of ANTHY is


Manual focusing + Manual aperture control

in good operation feeling


The manual focus in AF lenses is controlled by motor. Not driven directly by the fingers. So the operation is not smooth. Old style lenses are better in manual shooting.

Old style lenses has aperture rings on them. You can obtain intuitive operation feeling. Recent cameras have aperture control part on the camera bodies, so it spoiled old elegant shooting style.

The tareget of ANTHY is "the revival of elegant old shooting style". Control the focus and aperture by left hand, It's the revival of elegant behavior.


ANTHY is not for Auto focus.

ANTHY is not for Program AE exposure.


If you need continuous shooting for moving target, ANTHY is not suitable. If you need easy AE shooting, ANTHY is not suitable. But if you wish to tke your pictures controlling focus and aperture by yourself, ANTHY is the best solution.


Almighty is not always the best.


ANTHY35 +Canon EOS R (1/125s F1.8 ISO800)(click for full size picture)


Traditional shooting style, with modern optical performance.

We dreamed full-size mirroless cameras for 20 years. If such a system is available, we can use every old lenses made for full-size film cameras. In fact, we can use most of old SLR lens by using mount adaptors.

But old lenses are made under old technology and old production system. Especially, they are not optimized to mirrorless cameras. So, in these days, it is better to use newly developed lenses.

Even if you can get good manual shooting with ANTHY, the picture quality must be good enough. ANTHY was designed base on the recent technology and optimized to mirrorless cameras. ANTHY can compete with lenses made by camera makers which are very expensive. The ANTHY price is quite affordable among high-class lenses.


ANTHY35 +Canon EOS R (30s F1.8 ISO100)(click for full size picture)


The sample pictures on this page are taken by ANTY35. And you can realize the ANTHY performance is good enough. Especially, the Bokeh is fabulous compared to that of ordinary zoom lenses.


Simple optical construction makes simply good picture


ANTHY35 +Canon EOS R (1/2500s F1.8 ISO100)(click for full size picture)


ANTHY has no motors for AF function. So we don't have to make it too compact or too light. We can keep the principle "To make good lens, we should bend the light path using many optical elements". Of course we optimized the optical system to short flangeback of mirrorless cameras.


We will eliminate meaningless high-specifications

ANTHY aims to take good pictures practically, we will eliminate meaningless high-specifications. For example, someone likes too bright lenses. But these lenses are hard to focus and the lens body is too large and heavy.

Every industrial equipments are made on the total balance. We think about this "balance" in ANTHY.

Small children lovessupe-cars. The reason is they never drive. We "real" car drivers know cars should be practical in ordinary situations. ANTHY is not a super car, but a luxurious car with affordable price.


ANTHY line-up

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Wide standaed lens
Under development
Under development